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Leslie Jones Leaked Nudes!!

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Mexican Police Woman Nidia Garcia Topless Pic

Nidia Garcia 1
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Trick Daddy Interview With The Breakfast Club

Trick Daddy Interview With The Breakfast Club
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Scarface – Going Independent & Making his Best Album Ever (Interview)

Scarface - Going Independent & Making his Best Album Ever
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Ice Cube & F. Gary Gray Talk “Straight outta Compton” & More at The Breakfast Club

Ice Cube & F. Gary Gray Talk Straight outta Compton & More at The Breakfast Club
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Jack Black Brought To Tears After Meeting A Homeless Uganda Boy


This video kind of made me speechless. I don’t know what to say really because I believe Felix is part of the millions of homesless kids out there all over the world. There may be even more than millions of homeless people. I read an article last week saying that world hunger has taken a step back as there is somewhere around 800 million of people who have nothing to eat compared to a much higher number in the previous years. I still think it’s fucked up how we take so much for granted, how we throw food away. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve none of what is given to me by life every day… What’s beautiful is that Felix wants to learn, while the majority of the population is just getting dumber, we read less and when we do it is not valuable information. I’d like to believe that there is still hope for Felix, for me and for everybody. But it’s hard to believe when hell is crawling back into heaven.

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Stevie Stone – Malta Bend (Cover & Tracklist)

Stevie Stone - Malta Bend
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Young Buck Facing Jail Time After Failing Drug Test


Young Buck is facing jail time once more after failing a drug test during his probation. According to Ballerstatus, Young Buck tried to fake his drug test but was caught by his probation officer. The officer revealed that he saw Young Buck using a tube to shoot a “yellow substance” into his drug testing cup last week. In the court documents, Young Buck says that he smoked weed with Snoop Dogg. Before failing this drug test, Young Buck had tested clean for the previous 21 mandatory tests since November 2013.

Flavor Flav Arrested In Las Vegas For DUI


According to BallerStatus, Flavor Flav was arrested thursday ( May 21st) early in the morning for speeding. The rapper was pulled over by highway patrol and was nailed with a bunch of other charges. Flavor Flav got arrested for DUI, possession of marijuana, open container, speeding, no registration and driving with a suspended license. It is unclear if he stayed behind bars.