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David Arquette Stops By The Smokebox On BrealTV


David Arquette was the latest guest in the Smoke box on BrealTV. B Real and David discussed the actor’s family acting history, graffiti, future plans and much more all that in a smooth vibe.

B-Real aka Dr. Greenthumb @ the 2015 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup.


So the 2015 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup happened this past week-end in San Bernardino, California. B-Real was there to chop it up and do a few spot on interviews. As for the winners of the cannabis cup, click here.

Noisey Atlanta – Episode 5


Here’s the fifth episode of the Noisey Atlanta serie. In this one, the host, Thomas takes a ride with a police officer through Atlanta’s Zone 6 and he links up with Young Scooter in a area of Zone 6 known as Little Mexico. You can also find the previous episode below.

Tha Eastsidaz Meet Up Dr. Greenthum In The Smokebox


Tha Eastsidaz stopped by BrealTV to chop it up with Breal in the Smokebox. Light one up while you watch the interview.

Too $hort – The Smokebox With B-Real


Too $hort was the latest guest in the Smokebox on BrealTV. This came out a few days ago, but we still posting it for those that missed it. So light one up and enjoy the smoke session with Too $hort and Dr. Greenthumb.

Young Dolph On Sway In The Morning


So this video a few days old but it don’t matter. Young Dolph stopped by Sway In The Morning to chop it up with Sway and the whole morning team. The rapper shared his experience of traveling around 180 cities. He opened up about meeting different cultures in each city and how his newly found success changed him. He also touches the subject of fatherhood and much more!

Porn Stars Predict Super Bowl XLIX


So the big game is tomorrow, the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks, and during the AVN Awards a few pornstars gave their predictions as to who will win. The Super Bowl XLIX is this sunday!

Master P Interview With The Breakfast Club

master p

The OG Master P payed a visit to the Breakfast Club. He talked about his new single with Lil Wayne, how the collaboration came about. He also discussed business, forthcoming album and much more.

Jarren Benton On Sway In The Morning


Jarren Benton stopped by Sway In The Morning to discuss his upcoming EP Slow Motion. He addressed the rumour concerning Hopsin quitting rap. He also spit a crazy freestyle that you can watch below..really dude can spit. Slow Motion is out now!

Noisey – Welcome To The Trap – Episode 3


Noisey released the third episode of their serie about trao music in Atlanta. The third is heavily focued on Gucci Mane and his feud with Jeezy. There’s interviews with Coach K and producer Zaytoven. You can catch the first two episodes HERE.

Thomas continues his conversation with Coach K about the origin of trap music, beginning with Young Jeezy’s 2004 mixtape, Tha Streets Iz Watchin (according to Coach). Both Coach and super producer Zaytoven—who rose to prominence alongside Gucci Mane—explain the explosion of the genre and eventual beef between Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane. We quickly learn that Gucci Mane has not only become one of the most significant rappers in the Atlanta scene, but has so much leverage that his opinion can essentially decide the career trajectory of any new rapper trying to make it. What’s perhaps most impressive is that Gucci’s influence is still just as prominent as ever—even though he’s currently locked up until 2016.