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Quote Of The Day – Harun Yahya


Quote Of The Day – Miles Davis


This is one of my favorite quotes by Miles Davis. I think as humans, we can only try and relate or we can only try and comprehend something. We will never fully grasp what one is saying because there’s so much that words cannot express that resides in our mind and heart.

Quote Of The Day – Time


Every day or atleast every two-three days, we’ll be posting quotes. Quotes that makes you think, makes you laugh, makes you serene or even make you melancholic. A picture can be worth a thousand words, but words can create a thousand pictures in your mind.

For today’s quote, I don’t know who said it but I believe it is on point. But what is time? Is there time? Is there a past, a present and a future? Or is there simply an eternal present? So many questions, but so little answers. We are modern day slaves to time.