Freddie Gibbs Interview With Montreality


Montreality’s interview with Freddie Gibbs is finally here. It’s an interview that we’ve been looking forward to. The interivew was conducted while Freddie Gibbs was in Montreal for his show. Peep the questions and video below. Freddie also revealed that his upcoming album Lifestyles of the Insane is 60% done.

– What he misses most about being a child (0:41)
– Favorite cartoon character (1:09)
– Favorite video game (1:53)
– His upcoming album “Lifestyles of the Insane” (2:06)
– Most romantic thing he’s ever done (3:06)
– His fetish for MILFs (3:44)
– The true definition of a “G” (4:50)
– His favorite revolutionaries (5:19)
– Last meal of choice (6:04)
– What he has in his pockets (6:42)
– His message to the youth (7:17)

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