Noisey Presents: Welcome To The Trap (Ep. 1 & 2)


Noisey is back in the hood. Following their documentary about Chiraq, the team of host Thomas Morton head to Atlanta for a new serie called Welcome To The Trap. In this 10 episode serie, Noisey will explore the subculture of drug trafficking and rap music. Noisey already released 2 episode out of 10 which you can watch below.

Episode 1 – Welcome To The Trap

In episode 1, Thomas Morton meet longtime stick up boy Curtis Snow (Snow On Tha Bluff), Later on, they find themselfs in the iconic Patchwerk Studios with Black Mafia Family’s Bleu Davinci.

Episode 2 – Meet The Migos

In episode 2, Thomas Morton meet The Migos at the famous strip club, Magic City.

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  1. […] Noisey released the third episode of their serie about trao music in Atlanta. The third is heavily focued on Gucci Mane and his feud with Jeezy. There’s interviews with Coach K and producer Zaytoven. You can catch the first two episodes HERE. […]

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