Pictures: Onyx #WakeDaFucUp Tour @ Cabaret Underworld


This past thursday (August 7) Onyx was in Montreal as part of their #Wakedafucup tour. They performed at the Cabaret Underworld and the whole night/event was a complete success imo. I have to say the crowd was wild af during the whole Onyx set, after all legends were in the building. The pictures down below weren’t taken by us.

Throughout the whole night, there was alot of opening acts such as Krazy K who did a track with Onyx called Small World, there was Ghost from Vancouver city, Backpacker Music who performed with R.Y.M.Z., Red Rum Records, Hman, Doctor J and Bricc Skin Deep.

S/O to and Pop Goes DJ

PopGoeDJ Part 1
PopGoesDJ Part 2
PopGoesDJ Part 3

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