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Strain Review By Dr. Greenthumb


B-Real hits us with another strain review. This time he is smoking on some Fortune Cookies. The nuggets of the Fortune Cookies are dense with a beautiful smell. You will need a grinder for a proper break-up. Find out how many green thumbs B-real gave to the Fortune Cookies.

Strain Review With Dr. Greenthumb


B-Real is back with another strain review. He’s been busy as of lately, the cypress hill rapper released a new album for free, The Prescription, which is available on DatPiff. But back to the strain review, Dr. Greenthumb reviews the Cherry Pie. The genetics of this strain are the F1 and Grand Daddy Purp. The nuggets are fresh with a sweet smell and fruity. In B-real’s words, you are like the Indian with a tear in the eye because you just don’t want to smoke it. So light one up and peep the review below.

David Arquette Stops By The Smokebox On BrealTV


David Arquette was the latest guest in the Smoke box on BrealTV. B Real and David discussed the actor’s family acting history, graffiti, future plans and much more all that in a smooth vibe.

Dr. Greenthumb Strain Review – White Fire


Dr. Greenthumb is back with another strain review. This time the doctor reviews the White Fire Strain. The genetics of this plant are Fire OG crossed with Wi-Fi. It is some very loud weed with a sweet taste. Check out the review below.

A Day In The Life Of A Joint


Take a look at the life of a joint, from beginning to the end, courtesy of BrealTV.

B-Real aka Dr. Greenthumb @ the 2015 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup.


So the 2015 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup happened this past week-end in San Bernardino, California. B-Real was there to chop it up and do a few spot on interviews. As for the winners of the cannabis cup, click here.

Tha Eastsidaz Meet Up Dr. Greenthum In The Smokebox


Tha Eastsidaz stopped by BrealTV to chop it up with Breal in the Smokebox. Light one up while you watch the interview.

Lemon Tree – Dr. Greenthumb Strain Review


Here’s a new Dr. Greenthumb strain review. This time, Dr. Greenthumb reviewed the Lemon Tree OG strain. The strain is a cross between Lemon OG and Sour D. Watch the video to know what the doctor had to say about this strain.

Tech N9ne Interview with BrealTV


BrealTV recently caught with Tech N9ne at the Knotfest festival. Tech N9ne spoke on his new album, he also spoke on his dream tour and more. The Knofest festival was created by the metal band Slipknot. Tech N9ne was the only non-metal artist at the festival.

Lemonhead OG Shatter – Dr. Greenthumb Strain Review


The good doctor is back with another stain review. He got his hands on the Lemonhead OG Shatter. Find out the outcome.