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Throwback Album Of The Month – Dead Obies – Montréal $ud


$ud Sale, dirty south muthafucka. There’s not much of a throwback factor here because the Dead Obies are constantly rising, they are in their prime and they havent reched their peak yet. The album came out about a year ago. A little back story; The post-rap group was created in March 2011 and they originate from the Sud Sale (Dirty South) of the province of Quebec. The crew is composed of 5 Mc and 1 producer. The whole genre is a mix of french and english rap. If you dont understand french, the production is Grade A. For those that are hailing from Montreal or from Quebec and know the scene from here and don’t like the Dead Obies, don’t judge the book by it’s cover because you are in for a surprise. $ud $ale Beubé!