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Rymz Ft. Souldia – Krève (Music Video)


Rymz dropped his first solo album today, it’s called Indélébile and it’s out in stores and online. To celebrate the release, here’s the second single featuring a heavyweight from the RapQueb, Souldia. BANG!

You can get the album on iTunes.

Rymz Ft. Souldia – Krève (Teaser)


Here’s a teaser of an upcoming track and video from Rymz featuring a heavyweight from the RapQueb, Souldia. This is french rap is coming from my city, if you ain’t know now you know. Indélébile is dropping December 9.

Rymz x David Lee Backpacker – Vie de renard + F.L.M session live @ CISM – Hip Hop Hypnotique


These two MC’s are from Montreal and we already made some posts about them in the past. Rymz is a french MC while David Lee spits in English. Rymz is prepping the release of his upcoming album, Indélébile, in stores and online December 9. He payed a visit with David Lee to CISM – Hip Hop Hypnotique and performed a verse from an upcoming track off his album. David Lee also rocked the mic with a verse from his collabo with Rymz titled F.L.M. Rymz also opened two show for MGK recently. Below you’ll find the live session but also a single from Rymz and the collabo track F.L.M.

Rymz – Oubliez-moi (Music Video) (French Rap)


Rymz is a talented french rapper on the rise from Montreal and he’s prepping the release of his new album with this street single. He will be the opening act during MGK’s show on the 21st in Montreal. His album, Indélébile, drops December 9.

Pictures: Onyx #WakeDaFucUp Tour @ Cabaret Underworld


This past thursday (August 7) Onyx was in Montreal as part of their #Wakedafucup tour. They performed at the Cabaret Underworld and the whole night/event was a complete success imo. I have to say the crowd was wild af during the whole Onyx set, after all legends were in the building. The pictures down below weren’t taken by us.