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Dizzy Wright On Sway In The Morning


Funk Volume artist, Dizzy Wright, was the latest guest on Sway In The Morning. He spoke on the parenthood and how he’s trying to be a world class dad. He spoke on his new album, Growing Process, while sharing bits of knowledge during the interview.

Tech N9ne On Sway In The Morning


With 15 albums deep, Tech N9ne stopped by on Sway in the morning for an interview. On a side note, what’s great with Sway is the connection he shares with various artists that stop by his show. Almost every interview is full of knowledge and emotions. With that being said, Tech N9ne stopped by Sway in the morning. He opened up like never before. The Strange Music CEO talked about his mother passing and how his life opened up afterwards. He also spoke on landing a feature with one of the greatest of all time, Eminem, and much more. Tech N9ne’s Special Effects is coming out May 5th. Even with 15 albums deep in the industry, Tech N9ne has still alot to say!

Young Dolph On Sway In The Morning


So this video a few days old but it don’t matter. Young Dolph stopped by Sway In The Morning to chop it up with Sway and the whole morning team. The rapper shared his experience of traveling around 180 cities. He opened up about meeting different cultures in each city and how his newly found success changed him. He also touches the subject of fatherhood and much more!

Jarren Benton On Sway In The Morning


Jarren Benton stopped by Sway In The Morning to discuss his upcoming EP Slow Motion. He addressed the rumour concerning Hopsin quitting rap. He also spit a crazy freestyle that you can watch below..really dude can spit. Slow Motion is out now!

Action Bronson On Sway In The Morning


Action Bronson stopped by Sway in the morning to discuss a few things like his recent twitter beefs or his thoughts on thick women. You can find more in the interview below.

Joey Bada$$ Performs “Born Day” On Sway In The Morning


Here’s a new segment of the interview that Sway conducted with Joey Bada$$. In this clip, Joey performs Born Day, a non-album track. Remember that B4.Da.$$ is out now!

Joey Bada$$ On Sway In The Morning


Joey Bada$$ stopped by Sway In The Morning to discuss all sorts of things. He discussed travelling to Australia, the whole Mali Obama situation, his phone being tapped, the media calling him an anti-white marxist and much more. Joey Bada$$ album B4.Da.$$ is out now!

I think it’s dope to see Joey Bada$$ out there kicking knowledge, the hope for the youth is out there.

David Banner On Sway In The Morning


David Banner payed a visit to Sway to kick some knowledge and speak his mind. The rapper gives some tips and probable solutions to the instability in America. It’s a very insightful interview that will spark the mind.

“How can black people be held accountable for things they do, when they don’t know what they’re doing.” Says Banner. “We don’t know why we hate ourselves. We don’t know why we’re doing what we do.”

PRhyme Stopped by Sway In The Morning


PRhyme stopped by Sway In The Morning yesterday to promote their self-titled album and to promote the North American tour they about to hit in a couple of months. They explained how they came up with the name for their duo. They revealed why they only sampled Adrian Young on the LP and much more. Remember that PRhyme is out now.

Chris Rock On Sway In The Morning


Chris Rock stopped by Sway in the morning to promote his new movie Top 5. Chris Rock let’s us know his Top 5 best rappers and comedians.