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These “unpopular Hip-Hop opinions” were posted in a thread on the 2pac-forum and they were posted by a forum member and our friend Creation. I found some of these opinions to be pretty interesting and there is some truth to it. Creation is also a producer, a talented one, and we’ll be posting some of his production tonight or during the day tomorrow. This post is not a statement but more of an opinion post. And the Wu is on the picture because the Wu is Hip-Hop. Follow Creation on twitter.

– Hip Hop isnt dead, matter of fact, Hip Hop is at the best its ever been, yes there is some terrible rappers, but there has always been terrible rappers, but people tend to forget them as time goes on & then when they think back they just remember the good rappers.

– Kanye West is a genius & one of the best to ever do it, as a matter of fact he makes amazing hip hop but most importantly he makes brilliantly structured songs he is very misunderstood, & even though he is married to kim kardashian, he is nothing like her family, kanye pushes the boundaries of music & makes sure he isnt confined by the genre of music. His discography flawless

– Eminem has been bad for more years than he was good, he has been bad since 2004 so he has been bad for 10 years, but he was only good for 3 years or so. Also Relapse >>>>>>>>> Recovery, Bad Meets Evil, Marshall Mathers LP 2. He is one of the most overrated rappers ever. Im not going to lie, the 3 years he was good, his music was amazing, but people only listen to him because of the nostalgic feelings they have for him.

– When Kendrick Lamar is finished with hip hop, he will be remembered as a legend & will go down as one of the top 10 of the best that has ever done it.

– Drake writes amazing tracks, his catalogue of music is some of my favorite music, he writes songs for alot of artists & every time he does, the tracks go to number 1. Drake will be remembered for the impact he has made on the genre.
Drakes problem is, he is associated with Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne, but he is light years better than them, if he wasnt associated when them, his fanbase would be ten times bigger.

– J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake,Childish Gambino, Freddie Gibbs, & Danny Brown are the leaders of the new generation of hip hop as they represent different sides of Hip Hop.

– Even Though NWA had some good tracks, but overall as a group they are overrated. The group wasnt talented except for Ice Cube & Dre. Ice cube had to write all of the music for the group & never got the credit he should of received. NWA’s music has aged terribly & i find it really cheesy instead of ”gangsta rap”

– Joe Budden is the closest rapper to 2Pac on a emotional level as he spills his heart out on most of his tracks.

– I love Notorious B.I.G.’s music, however he isnt a top 10 best rappers, yeah he had some technical stuff, but if you compare it to someone like nas or Kendrick lamar, he couldnt hold a candle to them.

– Rick Ross is fake as fuck, but he makes brilliant music, & he has a brilliant ear for beats, if you check out any of his albums you’ll notice how brilliant his beat choice is.

– 50 Cent’s ”Power Of The Dollar” album is his ‘illmatic” so to speak, as it has that real gritty sound to it, it is top 10 rap albums of all time.

– Lil Wayne’s music is hit or miss, & most of the time it is miss, but other than that he has some cool tracks (e.g, Something You Forgot, President Carter, Tie My Hands)

– Back in 2006 to 2010, Wiz Khalifa was about to become a huge leader of the new generation of rap as he rapped with every style you could think of, as soon as he released ”Black & Yellow” he became a basic rapper & from then he was on a slippery sloop & as this moment in time he is one of the worst rappers ever, but his earlier music before ”black & yellow” came out is some of the best new generation music. Id advise anyone to look up his discography & every thing before the ”rolling papers” album is what you need to check out.

– Even though i enjoy some of Jay-Z’s tracks (mainly features) , i think he the most overrated rapper ever, his style isnt appealing & alot of his music is boring besides a few tracks.

– The Game had a solid discography up until 2008, anything after that point is a mess as he fell off HARD.

– Lupe Fiasco used to be a huge inspiration for new rappers, but he fell off so hard that it seems as if he has brain damages as he lost all his intellectual styles & tracks.

– TDE is one of the best rap groups ever, as every one on the label are powerhouses & will go down as one of the best, if not the best, rap groups of all time

– Eazy-E wasnt talented, he was just a random guy rapping other peoples lyrics & making a profit off it. I hate when people put him in their top 10 lists, as they act as if he was a rap god. I dont hate him though, i enjoy some of his tracks but overall he was talentless.

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  1. starchild313 says:

    Just bump in to this article…. Here’s my unpopular rap opinions…

    Kendrick Lamar can rap but he’s kinda overrated
    Lauryn Hill is super overrated
    Biggie and Pac are only put on most people’s top 5 cuz they’re gone
    Jay-z got some joints but he’s not that great
    Most Indie artists wanna be on a major label & have fame like any other artists. Only a few artists are truly independent
    DJ Quik > Dr Dre
    Jay Rock is the best rapper outta TDE
    Rick Ross ain’t bad yea yea I know “he fake” but so is majority of these rappers out
    Most of “Conscious rap” is boring as fuck
    Most “underground” rappers are mediocre
    And I’m tired of seeing 3stacks on people’s top ten but don’t say shit about Big Boi they’re BOTH dope

    • neko says:

      And here’s mines

      The whole “what’s your greatest rappers of all time” list is bs. It’s cool if you’re having fun but to take it serious? Nah
      Gangsta rap did NOT kill the political rap era. ALL eras fade away eventually.
      Jay Rock is the best rapper outta black hippy. They all dope but ijs…
      Definitely Quik > Dre
      Public enemy are cool as a group but Chuck D ain’t that great of a rapper
      Most underground rappers ARE mediocre
      Being a “technical” rapper (metaphors, complex rhyme schemes, etc) don’t make you a good rapper
      Nas might have won the battle btwn him and Jay-Z but Takeover is the better record
      Lauryn Hill is overrated indeed. She rapped waaaaay better on the Fugees first album tho
      Lyte and Latifah cool but they kinda overrated
      Other than Crossover and Headbanger I just can’t get into EPMD
      NWA second album better than the first but with that said I kinda think they a lil overrated myself
      J Cole is audio Nyquil
      Good kid maad city >>> to pimp a butterfly
      Big Krit is underrated as fuck! And so is Big Boi, Paris, Spice1, Dub C and others

      • neko says:

        Oh yea Eazy E’s Real Muthafuckin g >>>> Fuck wit Dre Day
        ICP got some good joints
        Pete Rock is cool but great? Nah
        Eminem is overrated. He can rap but he wouldn’t get all those props if he was black! Even he said that!
        MF Doom is boring as fuck
        Little brother is aight but they wasn’t that good
        Slum village was decent. They had some joints but overall a bit overrated

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